Visiting Assistant Professor in Linguistics 

University of Central Arkansas

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Utah under the supervision of Dr. Aniko Csirmaz. The title of my dissertation is "Exploring focus in Camuno: theoretical and empirical insights."

My main research interests are related to the study of information structure at the syntactic interfaces.

In my dissertation, I explore the properties of foci in Camuno, an endangered Gallo-Italic language spoken in Valcamonica, Northern Italy, my birthplace. The aim of my current investigation is to account for the distributional and prosodic features of these elements from a Minimalist perspective.

​Other works discuss the distribution of Basque focus, wh-interrogative in Easter Lombard, discourse particles in Italian, Camuno and German, and language change in Romance languages. Occasionally, I work on projects exploring the relationship between language, culture, and identity also from a philological perspective.

Additional affiliations:

Mathematics of Language and Cognition Lab

PI: Dr. Aniello De Santo 

L2TrEC. PI: Dr. Elnaz Kia.